Couples Counseling Services

When the honeymoon is over and the couple returns to day to day life, many transitions must occur and if navigated effectively, deepen the couple’s love for each other. Sometimes, these transitions become complicated when the couple realizes they are very different in their communication styles, their ways of doing things, and their likes/dislikes.

Marriage counseling can provide a way to help couples learn the skills they need to move through the transitions of their relationship effectively. The very things that attracted them to each other can become points of tension and conflict as their differences emerge within the context of day to day life. Most people don’t realize that relationship skills are something we must learn and work hard to achieve. Most relationships do not just naturally grow closer and more intimate but rather must be tended to and nurtured along the way. As in a rose garden, we must nourish, water and tend to our relationships. Each relationship (just like different rose varieties) has unique needs for physical, emotional and spiritual nurturing.

Sherry Collier will collaborate with couples who come for counseling, to identify their unique areas where additional relationship or communication skills may be needed. She tailors the counseling sessions specifically to meet the needs of each couple. Call Sherry for a free telephone consultation to find out if her services may benefit your situation.

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