Integrating Difficult Life Experiences

Sherry Collier received continuing education in Beginners, Advanced, and Depression Protocol Lifespan Integration and has been using this therapeutic tool for over four years. It has proven to be a very useful tool for clients who want to heal core wounds or deal with underlying causes of depression, anxiety, fears/phobias and relationship difficulties.

Peggy Pace developed Lifespan Integration in 2002. It is a therapy well described by its name – one that enables clients to integrate difficult life experiences into their lives through the use of a time line comprised of real memories from their lifespan. After the experience is integrated, it no longer controls a person’s thoughts, feelings or actions; thus outdated defense mechanisms drop away. As a result, clients respond differently to their current problems. Multiple sessions using Lifespan Integration (LI) will produce multiple changes.

This technique promotes rapid healing in adults who experienced abuse and/or neglect during childhood and this method relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. Lifespan Integration is a very gentle method which works on a deep neural level to change patterned responses and outmoded defensive strategies.

Often, a person’s attachment style is rooted in their early infant bonding. When this bonding was not ideal (for various possible reasons), the person can have difficulty attaching in a healthy and effective way in current adult relationships. Lifespan Integration is useful to help a client work to improve his/her ability to regulate emotions, build a connection with him or her self and thus, build better, more secure attachments in their current relationships.

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