Sometimes we need to do something other than talk about our challenges. That is where art can provide an effective tool for expressing and transforming emotions. Painting, drawing, sculpting clay, dancing, writing poetry, creating collage and other expressive arts can bring forth ideas, feelings and other important information from the subconscious mind. This gives us access to knowledge about how our unique personality and spirit has handled life’s complexities and provides a vehicle to help us heal.

Creativity sparks life and vibrancy. Joy comes from the simple act of being content in the present moment, no matter our external circumstances. Creating art can allow us to remain mindful and aware of this present moment. Anxiety resides in thoughts about past hurts and future worries. This present moment is a beautiful gift that art helps us find again.

Art Therapy has been shown to be effective in helping to treat depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, stress and physical illness/pain.

Sherry Collier offers workshops, seminars, retreats and individual expressive arts therapy.

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