Next time you feel stressed out, instead of talking about it, try drawing about it.  What?  Yes.  Get out some crayons or chalk pastels, or markers and find some blank paper to draw on.

Sit down and relax by breathing in very deeply 3 or 4 times.  With each breath, pay attention to your stomach as it rises and falls with each breath.  After your deep breaths, allow yourself to feel (pay attention to) your feelings.  See if you can label the feeling (nervous, fearful, sad, frustrated, etc) and then do a scan of your body.  Where in your body do you feel the emotions activating a physical response?  Perhaps a tightening of the shoulders or chest?  It is different for everyone.

Next, see if you can imagine a color for each feeling.  For example, the nervous feeling may create a pit in your stomach which might seem brown or a dark green.  Then see if you can imagine a shape, texture or an image that goes along with that brown/green nervousness.

Open your eyes and draw what you visualized.  You can draw the shapes, colors or images you saw or you can draw the parts of your body that were affected.  The  mere act of drawing your feelings allows your mind/body system to re-process them as you are expressing them in a new way.

Happy drawing!